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If you’ve been working for some time but are looking for a new opportunity or career direction, welcome to integratedliving! We’d love to explore with you how you could bring your knowledge, skills, experiences, insights and wisdom to our organisation. We have opportunities for experienced professionals looking to play a significant role in shaping and running our services and our organisation.

If you’ve had a wealth of experience in the community care sector we’d like to hear from you. Whether you’ve worked in ageing or disability, for-profit or not-for-profit, we’re interested.

If you’ve had a wealth of experience elsewhere but now want to move into community services, we’d like to hear from you. You may have outstanding leadership skills, deep customer service expertise, a strong operational management track record or specialist skills in areas such as Marketing, IT, HR, Finance, or Quality.

What we are looking for

Critical skill sets we look for when hiring experienced people include:

  • Big picture thinking – not just focused on the detail but able to see the overall flow of work, with consideration to the precedents and flow-on effects of the work.
  • Commercial understanding – while integratedliving is a not-for-profit, we have to proactively balance both the financial and social outcomes within our operations.
  • Interpersonal astuteness – our experienced people act as role models across the business, so we need them to be good at developing and maintaining effective working relationships and have the social/emotional intelligence to handle situations.
  • Self-management – core to success is managing your own time well, working efficiently, and being disciplined on delivering on agreed priorities. We look for people that have a track record in taking personal accountability to see things through, who are self-motivated and driven to achieve.
  • Change readiness and resilience – proven skills in managing and thriving in an environment of ongoing change.
  • Leadership – we believe all people have the ability to lead both as individuals and within work teams. We need people who can lead by example, transform others and value the importance of leadership to the success of this business!

Getting started.

Available roles are advertised on our “Positions available” page. Read through the “How to Apply” page to learn about how our recruitment process works and the steps involved.

Alternatively you may wish to contact the Recruitment Team to let them know what type of experienced level role you are interested in exploring with integratedliving. The Recruitment Team are contactable at recruitment@integratedliving.org.au or by phone 1300 364 584.

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