integratedliving Take Lead In Regional and Remote Care Provision


The announcement of $910million in new aged care places by the Commonwealth Government on 18 March 2016, recognised community business integratedliving Australia, as a leading provider in aged care, with the second highest allocation of home care packages nationally.

This recognition acknowledges the high level of service and innovation the company continues to deliver to older people in rural, regional and remote Australia. In total there were 6445 home care places announced, with 372 of these going to integratedliving. In line with the Government’s commitment to offer higher level support packages in the community, all but 16 packages allocated  were Level 3 and Level 4.  This means older people can access higher levels of support to remain living within their communities and clinical care for those living with chronic health conditions and Dementia.

integratedliving CEO Catherine Daley said “we are delighted with this result. It means that older people living in regional, rural and remote locations, can remain safely at home, playing active roles within their local communities and surrounded by friends and loved ones with support by organisations such as integratedliving.

It is reflective of how hard we have been working to ensure older people living in rural, regional and remote communities have access to higher levels of health services and support. Innovation and assistive technologies have been key to ensuring distance isn’t a barrier. In rural and remote areas where access to health services may be limited we know there is a strong correlation between preventable hospital admissions and average length of hospital stay. Our goal is to partner with the older person and their family to avoid a hospital admission or reduce the length of time in hospital through better coordination of care, offering innovative health services and assistive technologies to better manage their own conditions. We know that for older people, one in four people who go to hospital for more than a few days, do not return to their home.

The move towards higher level packages being available means those who really need a higher level of support can access it. I congratulate the Government on taking on board industry concerns and really making sure the funding is correctly applied.”

integratedliving were also recognised for their continued expansion into rural and regional Victoria, receiving 51 packages across the Hume and Gippsland regions  This consolidates the integratedliving footprint which now reaches from remote Far North Queensland,  across the rural and remote regions of the Eastern Seaboard states through to Tasmania and saw them support more than 8000 consumers over the last 12 months. integratedliving do not operate in any metro markets which makes this national achievement even more outstanding.