How to Give

How To Give

Giving is something many of us do in various ways every day.

How to give back when we are time poor and lead busy lives? We donate our time, our experience and often our money to support causes that we have a connection with. As communities we often rally together when something needs doing, when someone is in need of help.   As we get older we often have more time having raised our families and retired. Often we find ourselves with a little nest egg that we want to see go towards doing some good in our community - leaving a legacy for future generations.   At integratedliving we recognise that your time and your financial support provides for stronger communities today and for tomorrow. We are here to answer any questions as to how your donation might be used at any time. To volunteer your time click here  

Making a donation

Making a donation. integratedliving Australia Ltd is a registered charity. Your donation over $2.00 is tax deductible and will be an investment in your community’s development.

Why would you support integratedliving charitable purposes?

Because as a team we support the elderly and frail people living in our communities to live a life fulfilled, a life within the community, in their own home in a safe and dignified manner. At some stage in your life, you will probably face a situation where the care of an elderly person or a person with a disability requires your input. We are here to provide that help now and well into the future, but we do need your help from time to time in the work we do.

Our promise to you as a donor – we appreciate any and all support given and assure you that we promise to use it with integrity to support the Aged Care work we undertake in your community.


Memorials. A memorial gift is a special way of honoring your loved one or acknowledging a cherished friendship. You will have seen tributes in parks and gardens across Australia, loved ones way of honouring those who have passed.

integratedliving offers a range of ways in which memorials can be established.

  • As a tribute in lieu of flowers,
  • As an anniversary gift ‘In Memoriam’,
  • As a regularly pledged donation ‘In Perpetual Remembrance’.

Simply talk with us at any time about what you would like as a memorial.


Bequests. By leaving a legacy in your will to integrateliving through a bequest, you make a powerful commitment that will change the future for the better for generations to come.

We appreciate that family and loved ones should always come first, and believe that it is important to discuss with your family and loved ones about your will.

When people choose to include a gift to integratedliving in their will it allows us to continue to enable others in your community.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind. A gift in kind is an item of value other than cash donated to integratedliving which will help us to continue to provide our diverse care services. Many families have donated services from the businesses they own or manage.

By accepting these gifts, we continue to work to enable the wider community and are happy to recognise these gifts in an appropriate manner.

Corporate Support

Corporate Support. Support from our valued partners enables integratedliving to continue to provide a higher quality service to clients.

Is your business looking for a way to connect with the community?

The Aged Care sector is one of the fastest growing industries with an additional 4 million people in Australia expected by 2060. This is both an opportunity and a challenge, and your input is vital to ensure we all live a life fulfilled, especially in the rural and regional communities that integratedliving facilitate services for.

From corporate social responsibility and philanthropy to boosting team morale and engagement, integratedliving is a powerful partner for business.

Whether it be aligning with your organisations social responsibility strategy, or adopting a dynamic marketing-led approach to help fulfil your business brand and brand building objectives, integratedliving is unparalleled in its ability to deliver partnership results especially in the fast growing sector that Aged Care provides.

We also work closely with other organisations that deliver services to the Aged Care sector.

If you are an organisation looking to support the Aged Care sector and have a proven track record of high quality home care or support services across regional or rural Australia, please contact 1300 782 896

integratedliving Australia gratefully acknowledges the support given by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Although funding for these services has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.

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