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Big Smiles and Clean Tiles

Written by Janelle Kelly a Communications Assistant with integratedliving

"I'm feeling much happier in myself now and that's because of Natasha."

Great customer feedback is always lovely to receive and customer Margaret's words about her Support Worker Natasha, have them both beaming.

Everyone has particular challenges and for Margaret it was keeping her bathroom clean. The tiles in Margaret's bathroom are very rough, which are great for preventing slips, but means they are very difficult to keep clean.

Margaret was so pleased that Natasha came in and could give the tiles a perfect clean. "She got right into the corners of the bathroom and the tiles are sparkling now. It's just something I couldn't do," said Margaret.

Margaret said she feels much more at ease now and it's not just about what a wonderful job Natasha did, but because Natasha is so lovely to talk to.

"I get along so well with Natasha, she is bright and bubbly and it makes me very happy to see her", said Margaret.

"I see a lot of my younger self in Natasha and we just click!"

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