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How can I talk to my family member about getting help at home?

Written by Joanne Isaac, Senior Manager (Communications and Campaigns) with integratedliving

Starting a conversation (sensitively)

You may have recently noticed that your loved one is struggling with daily activities around their home or has a physical ailment that is impacting them on a more regular basis. Changes like these can be hard for people to accept, however having a conversation about how they are feeling and asking if they require any help, is a great start.

You might start by testing the waters in a sensitive way to see if they are receptive to talking
about the matter. It’s important to not simply tell your ageing loved one what they should do, but to ensure that they have choice and control in any decision making. Be reassuring, positive and receptive to their feedback. Present options to them and tell stories you’ve heard about other people who have started utilising similar services and are seeing positive benefits. Let them think about what might work best for them. 

What's next?

Understanding the My Aged Care process and what services are available for both short-term and long-term support is important. You can help your loved one apply for a My Aged Care assessment online at 

Allow 20 minutes to complete the application. You will need your loved one’s Medicare card for the application where they will check their eligibility, capture their contact details, and confirm who the assessor should call to arrange the assessment.  

If your loved one is not eligible for aged care support, other financial support programmes include: 

We are also available to assist with your application. If you would like our help, please contact integratedliving on 1300 782 896. 

Wondering how to help your loved ones start their aged care journey? Join us at one of our carer specific Healthier at Home virtual forums. 

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