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How long will it take for services to commence?

Written by Joanne Isaac, Senior Manager (Communications and Campaigns) with integratedliving

Depending on the funding you are approved for commencing aged care services can vary. 

For the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), services can be started quite quickly. 

The My Aged Care website is a great resource to review providers and services in your region and assist you in determining commencement times. 

The Department of Veterans' Affairs website provides simple information for veterans and families on how to access services and commence home care. 

The NDIS website lists easy to follow information on eligibility, assessment and service plans. 

For Home Care Packages (HCP), once a package has been approved and assigned you can then undertake your research to choose a provider and commence aged care services. The wait and assignment times regarding access to HCP services can be lengthy, with some wait times longer than 12 months. However, if you require services urgently or your circumstances change, you can be readily reassessed and prioritised. 

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