Ministerial Visit to Parkes


integratedliving were pleased to have had the opportunity to meet with Assistant Minister for Rural Health Hon Dr David Gillespie at our Parkes office on Friday. Angie Robinson Chief Operating Officer attended in conjunction with local staff and customers.

As a lead health services provider for Older People  in the Central West region it was an opportunity to showcase and discuss with Dr Gillespie some of the ways we are working to improve the health outcomes for older Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia.

“We are transforming the way we operate to support rural consumers achieve similar health outcomes to their metro counterparts. We know from the national performance data that rural people experience higher levels of premature mortality, increased number of preventable admissions to hospital and experience longer average length of stay when they are admitted.

We also know for older people this results in further functional decline and therefore a reduction in their ability to participate in community life. Our focus is on delivering services that improve health outcomes and therefore enable older people to live a meaningful life.” Highlights Angie Robinson Chief Operating Officer.

“Strengthening community partnerships with local Health and Hospitals, the Primary Health Network, local GPs, ACAT, My Aged Care, local Regional Assessment Team, including developing a partnership with Rural and Remote Medical Services which will ensure better connections with local practices.

Currently we are providing after hours support to Western NSW PHN which involves using telehealth monitoring, triaging, and support during business hours to prevent admissions to ED after hours and already this is resulting in hospital avoidance and nil admissions” Angie confirmed.

The Minister along with Scott Barrett National Party Candidate for Orange were impressed with integratedliving’s focus on health outcomes, and their innovative technology approach of Telehealth and Wellness Program available for older people locally and the use of technology.