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Our Stories

Our Stories

Our staff are dedicated to caring for you and or your loved ones in their own home.

Aged Care in the home has changed and instead requires people dedicating themselves to this industry to be:

  • Well trained
  • Empathetic
  • Experienced both in the field and with life.

We are committed to and strongly believe in providing equitable access for people in rural and regional areas and supporting individuals which in turn enrich communities. This is who we are and what we do.

Making a difference when it counts.

They are also people that live in your local community and often find themselves in situations that can be challenging. There are many stories to share of our staff arriving just in time, or being just the right person on hand, and this was highlighted recently with one of our Community Care Professionals, Renate Adams (Newlake).

Renate recently used her first aid training to save a 19 year old young man’s life.

While on holidays in Germany visiting her family, Renate returned home to the sound of screaming and banging coming from the first floor of where she was staying.

Disturbed by the noise she checked with the occupants who were visibly disturbed and were screaming “He is dead! He is dead! He took the laptop into the bath tub and it has fallen in the water!”

Renate said “I can do CPR” and went to his assistance performing CPR until the Doctor arrived. The young man was successfully resuscitated by Renate and taken to hospital having badly burnt 2 of his fingers and the palm of his hand. He has had two operations and skin grafts with possibly more to come.

Renate received a big bunch of flowers from the young man’s family and was described by his Grandmother as “an angel sent by God”.

Well done Renate, we are all very proud of you!

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