Dementia programs (Memory Wellness)

Dementia Programs (Memory Wellness)

At integratedliving we are very proud of the range of innovative programs and supports we offer for those who are concerned about the wellness of their mind, living with or supporting someone with Dementia.

Some of these programs and supports include:

  • Pop Up Memory Clinics
  • Memory Wellness Programs
  • Dementia & End of Life Respite
  • Mental Health Respite Carer Support

Through our respite programs we enable carers to have a break and participate in social, family or community life. We also provide a number of social solutions for older people, including transport in many areas.


Dementia is not one specific disease, rather a collection of symptoms caused by disorders affecting the brain’s ability to think, behave and perform everyday tasks with close to an estimated 330,000 people living with it in Australia.

It is not a normal part of ageing. Commonly the symptoms include progressive and frequent memory loss, confusion, personality change, apathy and withdrawal. There are over 100 diseases which may cause dementia.

In the coming months, integratedliving is conducting memory wellness Programs in communities across our organisation. The fun, free program introduces a range of strategies for self-management of general wellbeing and brain health. For more information, ask your care professional for details.

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