Overton House

Overton House- A Place For Everyone.

Our role at integratedliving Australia is to support people with a disability to live independently and to be included in the community.

To develop everyone’s capacities and to enable people to exercise choice and control.

The NDIS replaces a disability system with a system that is world-leading, equitable and sustainable. The NDIS will provide all Australians under the age of 65 with a permanent and significant disability with the reasonable and necessary supports they need to live an ordinary life.

integratedliving supports all people:

  • Having positive relationships
  • Feeling a sense of belonging
  • Retaining individual autonomy
  • Having active involvement in decision-making
  • active engagement in community
  • to use their unique strengths in ways that provide a challenge, and
  • to be proud and being able to make a contribution.

We want to help by removing some of those significant barriers to an ordinary life, such as:

  • negative attitudes that view disability as a tragedy, and people with disability as dependent clients
  • service models that congregate people and segregate them from community
  • individualised support that acts as a paid friend rather than as a life facilitator, and
  • risk management approaches that deprive people of ordinary opportunities.

At integratedliving we instead provide a range of services that may be appropriate for you

  • Community participation
  • Social activities
  • Recreational
  • Respite Care
  • Attendant Care (thorough personal care 30 hours per week to maintain a client at home)
  • Younger people in residential Aged Care (YPIRAC)

Overton House- Outshines with All Stars.

What makes Overton House different is what has become an upper Hunter Iconic Event – All Stars Week!

All Stars Week is held each year to provide the people who live with a

Disability, an opportunity to participate in workshops including drama, dancing and movement where they build and put into practice various skills to showcase in the finale performance. After five days bonding, learning new skills and polishing their acts, everyone is then ready for the main event, generally held on a Saturday night – All Stars!

What has now become an integral part of a leadership program at St Joseph?s High School, Overton House & All Stars provides an opportunity for people to shine and learn leadership skills regardless of their ability ? we have an attitude of What We Can Do!

Overton House DAY PROGRAMS

Community Participation provides an opportunity for young people with a disability to spend time in an age appropriate, supportive environment pursuing creative, recreational and leisure activities.

The program aims to build the capacity and confidence of individual young people to participate and interact with other people in positive ways in different settings.

Individual plans are created to integrate home and community involvements, maintain or develop everyday living skills and increase independence.

Community participation delivers customised activities focusing on the young persons individual interests, goals and needs.

Activities may include:

Art, Community Activities, Computer Skills, Cooking Programs, Drama, Fitness Programs, Health and Hygiene, Individualised Mentoring Programs, Music, Recreational Activities, Skill Development, TAFE Courses, Work Experience, Social Activities, Sports, Volunteering

Eligibility for Community Participation:

  • Young person with a disability leaving High School, and
  • Has been assessed by ADHC and granted a Package.

Telephone integratedliving on 1300 782 896 for any additional information.

What Next?

  • Initial discussion and collection of information to determine suitability and service needs.
  • Develop and individual plan with the Team Leader Overton, the participant and their significant other/s.
  • An assessment to ensure appropriate strategies are in place, e.g. Epilepsy plan, medication plan.
  • Agreement regarding the individual plan from the participant and their significant other/s.

As the NDIS is being introduced in stages around the country over the next three years you can check your area here for availability of services. http://www.carenavigator.com.au/

For general information about NDIS please visit https://myplace.ndis.gov.au

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