Social Programs

Social Programs

Staying active is important, however staying socially active cannot be underestimated.

At integratedliving, we can provide you with support that enables you to continue to take part in your community with activities such as;

  • Helping complete any paper work you may need
  • Taking you out for shopping;
  • Helping you get to the bank or other crucial appointments you have;
  • Enable you to get to your own social groups

In some cases, as we get older we lose touch with friends and it can be harder to make new friendships when you don’t get out like you used to, so we also provide social outings for our consumers which you are welcome to join in on and make new friends.

Local Day Centre: Our local Day Centre provides for a group activity programme with light refreshments and excursions giving you a welcome place to get you out and about and a chance to meet new friends. This service is provided with the support of;

  • Personal care (assistance with toileting if required)
  • Activities to stimulate your body and mind regardless of ability
  • Excursions and day trips are also organised including transport and support services.

Day Centres are not available in all areas – please call your integratedliving team to find out how we can assist you or someone you love in your area.

For an obligation-free appointment to see how we may be able to help you or a loved one, our Customer Service Officers are on hand just call on 1300 782 896

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