Wellness For Independence Programs

Our Wellness for Independence suite of programs focus on the prevention and management of chronic conditions for older people.

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, the programs focus on a range of areas to help keep you living independently in your own home.

The Wellness for Independence programs are backed by clinical research and consist of practical, easy-to-follow solutions to help you stay well. It?s simple things like helping you to change daily activities such as what you eat or how much you exercise and to better manage chronic health conditions. Or if you find it difficult to socialise with friends, family or the local community, Wellness for Independence can help you stay connected to them and enjoy the things you like to do.

Wellness for Independence programs can help you:

    • Recognise the signs of chronic illness,


    • Access to early diagnosis,


    • Understand what your normal vital signs should be,


    • Develop ways to reverse the symptoms of some health conditions, prevent conditions worsening and prevent some conditions occurring.


    • With staff support, learn how to manage chronic conditions at home and reduce the need for visits to the doctor,


  • Improve your general quality of life, independence and wellbeing.

We understand that everyone is different and the support to keep you living well and being active will be different to what other people may need. For that reason, each Wellness for Independence program begins with a personalised assessment and the development of a personalised health care plan. Your Wellness for Independence programs will then follow your health care plan which is regularly checked and updated when your needs change.

All that is left to do is choose what Wellness for Independence? programs are best for you.

The Wellness for Independence programs that are currently available;

Diabetes Wellness Program

Helping you manage the highs and lows that come with living with diabetes, our Diabetes Wellness program is run by expert staff who will develop a tailored diabetes health plan to meet your needs and support you to reach your wellbeing goals along the way.






Memory Wellness Program

Based on the latest research into brain and memory health, integratedliving’s Memory Wellness program will help you improve your brain health. You will see improvements in your memory and be able think more sharply as you work your way through the program.






Low Vision Wellness

Is your sight not as good as it used to be? Our Low Vision Program will help you stay active, social and independent by managing lifestyle factors such as nutrition and home modifications.





Foot Wellness Program

We can help your feet be happy feet with the Foot Wellness program. Foot health is crucial in keeping to independent and managing health conditions such as diabetes. This program will help you stay on your feet.

foot wellness program






Digital Wellness Program

We can help introduce you to the digital world. It?s never too late to begin. The Digital Wellness program will support you to use technology to stay connected to friend and family, explore your interests and hobbies and improve your memory and general wellbeing.

integratedliving is always looking at new ways to support older people across rural, regional and remote areas of Australia and are currently developing more Wellness for Independence. These will include;

    • Nutritional Wellness Program


    • Palliative Care Wellness Program


    • Cardiac Wellness Program


  • Respiratory Wellness Program

Wellness for Independence programs are supported by Home Care Package, Commonwealth Home Support Programme funding or can be privately paid.

To find out more about our Wellness for Independence? programs phone our Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896.

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