Wellness For Independence

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Wellness For Independence

Wellness for Independence features a range of clinically-based programs focusing on areas including memory, carers, foot wellness, buried in treasures, pain, nutritional, end of life care and cardiac, respiratory, falls and diabetes wellness.

Wellness for Independence aims to help customers self-manage their own health risk factors and ensure they receive the right referral pathways through clinician-facilitated early intervention.

The programs are based on the principle of supporting customers to retain their autonomy and build their capacity to manage day to day life. Current Wellness for Independence programs in operation include Memory Wellness and Digital Wellness with other programs to be launched soon.

All programs are integrated with our Digital Wellness program to provide an effective and supported digital experience for customers and staff.

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memory wellness for independence

Memory Wellness addresses the timely diagnosis and early intervention of dementia and focuses on developing brain health.

Early intervention is the key to preventing dementia and slowing the onset of symptoms. Memory Wellness helps identify and address the risk factors that contribute to dementia and other memory-related illnesses.

The program is delivered by integratedliving’s clinical and support team to customers as a one hour per-week session over a 26 week period and customers receive a wellness tracker – a waterproof device similar to a FitBit – which monitors their exercise and sleep.

Memory Wellness also incorporates the Digital Wellness program which covers topics including music, nature, photography and a ‘this is my life section’. Customers receive an iPad and are supported to use it to develop their brain health. The focus of the program is to support development of new skills and research shows this is integral in developing memory wellness.

The Memory Wellness program is available to eligible current and new Home Care Package customers and has been piloted in other locations, with great success.

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For more information about Memory Wellness just call on 1300 782 896


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