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The Staying Strong Project

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In order to Stay Strong within the communities we work in,

Sharing Stories is an initiative within the Staying Strong: Telehealth Monitoring Pilot Project run by integratedliving that aims to improve social connectedness, enhance cultural awareness and respect for Indigenous heritage and history through the sharing of stories.

With commitment to closing the gap across regional and rural communities for Australia’s First peoples in terms of health and wellbeing outcomes, integratedliving worked closely with the many local communities and as a community we discovered that by sharing stories we connect stronger as individuals and communities creating more contact, tolerance and understanding of each other.

The Staying Strong project was a national first with significant recognition given to integratedliving via the Hesta Aged Care Awards.

Here are some of those personal stories that our community shared:

  • Des Smith – Music: Des shares his personal journey about the different instruments he can play and travelling around playing in various bands.
  • Des Smith – The Simple Life: Des reminisces about living the simple life.
  • Des Smith – School: Looking back on then and now, Des gives an insight into schooling and the changes he has seen.
  • Greg Widders: Greg recalls the early days of life after moving to Armidale, NSW from a personal perspective.
  • Greg Widders: Greg recollects larking about in the good old days.
  • Greg Widders: Greg reminisces about his parents, his family and school, the foundation of our lives.
  • Ira Archibald: Ira yarns about school in Woolbrook, horse riding and making dresses.
  • Ira Archibald: Ira talks about working and eating bush tucker.
  • Steve Widders: Steve gives an articulate introduction of his family and his strong connections to various towns he has family links with.
  • Steve Widders: Steve discusses Aboriginal politics, the referendum, the Tent Embassy and why it was set up.
  • Steve Widders: Steve speaks about the founding of Survival Day (26th January) and how the Tent Embassy inspired the Armidale community to fight for better living standards.
  • Steve Widders: Steve describes the lifestyle of Aboriginal people in Armidale and Dr Kent Hughes who raised awareness of the plight of Aboriginal people.
  • Steve Widders: Steve fondly reminisces about his family and the hard work they did in the Armidale community.
  • Steve Widders: Steve discusses what housing was like for the Armidale community in the 1940’s and 50’s.
  • Trevor Watkins: Trevor talks about the discovery of his Aboriginality, droving and working on various properties in Armidale’s surrounding towns.
  • Trevor Watkins: Trevor talks about the desecration of sacred sites, how he feels about it and what he would like to see done to preserve these sites.
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