Partner with Us

With a long standing connection in many communities across Australia we have a number of partners that enable us to deliver the high quality standard of care directly into the homes of people.

As a Not-For-Profit, working with others is what we do best. If you are an organisation working in the Aged Care sector and believe that there could be areas we could work together, letís talk, after all teams build communities and at integratedliving we believe in working to enable and support people in our communities with as many resources as there are available.

If you are an organisation looking to support the Aged Care sector, please contact 1300 782 896

Our Partners

integratedliving receives funding from the Australian and State Governments to provide care services. We also acknowledge a range of organisations for their contributions and support:

integratedliving has a Service Partnership with:
integratedliving would like to recognise and thank our valued supporters:

integratedliving also acknowledges a range of organisations for their contribution and support

Community Care SmartAT
Active Knowledge Systems
Ngapaalowa Womens Group
Port Stephens Council

integratedliving Australia gratefully acknowledges the support given by the Australian Government Department of Health. Although funding for these services has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.