Careers with Us

Careers with Us

integratedliving is a vibrant organisation made up of many different sorts of roles and characters that work together with one purpose.

We love empowering others to embrace life and all that is possible!

The majority of our workers directly serve our consumers in the community; including our talented community care professionals, coordinators, case managers, registered nurses, clinicians and eHealth specialists. These staff are supported by our fabulous marketing, finance, technology, human resources and business excellence teams.

Our sector is growing and evolving rapidly and we’re transforming with it – in the last three years we’ve expanded our services into two more States (TAS, SA) with over 4,000 more customers (over 12,000 in total). We’re not afraid to tackle a challenge, think up an innovative solution or approach, or try something new to improve our service delivery. Our strong history and track record in providing high quality consumer care using the latest frameworks (like our Consumer Directed Care Service Model) mean we are well placed to grasp the potential of industry changes and stay on the leading edge of sector innovation.

So what sort of people are we looking for to join our team?

  • We’re looking for passionate and energetic people that love to provide sensational service. People who strive to make a difference in the community.
  • People with integrity who we and our customers can depend on to be reliable and thoughtful in their work, who hold themselves accountable to deliver a high standard time & time again.
  • We love people who are proactive, jumping in and taking action, not sitting on the sidelines.
  • And in our ever-changing sector we need people who are resilient, empathic and ready for whatever might happen next.
  • Add a positive attitude, sense of humour and a dash of fun and that’s our wish list for you!
What’s on offer?

There's plenty we have to offer you at integratedliving. In return for your amazing skills and commitment, we offer you the following:

  • Work that makes a difference

    Helping people to keep living in their homes and stay integrated with their community is a great feeling. We value and respect our customers independence and freedom to choose to stay at home. We have a strong belief in providing equitable access to high quality home care – hence our focus on serving regional, rural and remote areas. And we contribute to these communities not only through the services we provide, we also live there too.

    Knowing your work is delivering something highly valued by others is an awesome feeling. People work here because it’s purposeful work. We support our customers’ desire to have a meaningful and active life, to enable them to realise the possibilities and achieving their dreams. It’s a big deal!

  • Work that suits your life

    We offer lots of things to help make work life easier. The details will vary depending on your particular role and circumstances, but may include the ability to nominate your hours of work and your place of work, working from home, opportunities to travel, and more.

    Permanency – we are building a permanent workforce to give our workers stability and to provide consistency for our customers. The majority of our roles are permanent not casual from the word go!

    We’re building continually on our wellness in the workplace and making sure we stay safe at all times.

    We respect your individual situation – after all, honouring and appreciating diversity is one of our core values. We embrace the rich diversity of opinions, ideas and backgrounds our people have – gender, age, disability, language, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious belief or family responsibility.

  • Be part of a unique and skilled team

    For many people what makes a job brilliant rather than just average is the people they work with. We’ve got great people and teams just waiting for you to join them.

    At integratedliving you’re part of an immediate, local team – who know you and value you well – as well as the more ‘virtual’ national team that coordinates activities supporting everyone across the organisation!

    Our ‘virtual-ness’ makes us pretty unique in the industry. Staying connected and communicating well with each other across the states/regions are critical to us.  We don’t always get to work face-to-face, but we support each other no matter the miles between us. Unity, acting as one team, is a core value of ours.

  • Growth and learning opportunities

    integratedliving is a great place to develop and grow your skills as there are plenty of opportunities that emerge from our daily work that require new skills and knowledge, plus we offer pathways to help you grow your career. BYO skills, and we will top them up!

    Once you are humming along in your role, you will be encouraged to have regular catch ups with your Supervisor/Manager to discuss your achievements and any learnings you still need. Our formal Performance and Development Review (PDR) process supports this, with attention given to identifying training needs.

  • Recognition and reward

    integratedliving offers competitive salaries for our industry. And our work is also personally rewarding – we feel good about what we do! We delight in recognising and honouring great work and positive impact our people have on customers lives and on improving our organisation too. And the salary packaging is not bad either

    Through our Values Based Awards Program we also celebrate those who have received compliments from customers and colleagues for exceptional work that displays integratedliving‘s values of diversity, integrity, respect, unity, leadership and equity. Our Values Based Awards Program is an opportunity to recognise those who embody our organisational values; in the way they work, through their interactions with others and in their general daily conduct.

    As a not-for-profit and charity organisation integratedliving is lucky to be able to offer employees the opportunity to salary package part of your remuneration. You can choose to receive part of your base salary (in pre-tax dollars up to $15,900) to spend on a range of Tax Office approved items like rent or mortgage payments, car costs, insurance, childcare, school fees, professional memberships and subscriptions, as well as general living expenses. Because these types of costs are no longer coming out of your after-tax income, you will find your money goes a lot further! integratedliving uses a salary packaging company, Maxxia (  to help each employee maximise their pay with salary packaging that fits their unique situation.

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