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About us

We are a leading provider of health services throughout regional, rural and remote communities across Australia. Our focus is on delivering better health outcomes for Australians, supporting them to live independent and active lives. We provide a range of health and wellbeing services for older people and their families. Our purpose is to support people in regional, rural and remote communities to achieve their highest quality of life through access to equitable, affordable, timely, safe, responsive and inclusive care and health services in their homes.

Why Choose us?

Supporting rural, regional and remote communities

We know the challenges people in these areas face when accessing health and wellbeing services, and help to combat those challenges.

Long established history

We have a proud history of providing aged care services since 1999 and are expanding to new areas and developing new programs and services.

Non-denominational and not-for-profit

As a not-for-profit organisation any surplus goes back to supporting local people in local communities.

We offer the A to Z of care

Our focus is on providing better health outcomes. No matter where you are in your care journey, we can help.

Dependable and proudly local

We are a national organisation with locals supporting locals. Our staff who visit your home are community locals and understand your needs.

Experts in our field

Our staff are highly qualified and our programs, services and staff continued to be recognised with industry awards.

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Our Values

These are the values and principles that drive our organisation. You will see these values demonstrated first hand by our staff.

Diversity more info

We will recognise the value and benefits of diversity, whether in gender, age, ability, language, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious belief or family responsibilities.

Integrity more info

We will adhere to moral, ethical and legal codes of behaviour which in part are focused on trustworthiness, honesty and accountability.

Respect more info

We will respect each individual’s choices, decisions, rights and responsibilities, privacy and confidentiality.

Unity more info

We will be unified by our agreed vision, mission, values and philosophy; although we are individuals we will act as one team and one organisation.

Equity more info

We will act fairly, impartially and with a non-discriminatory approach.

Award winning service

We are proud to offer you nationally and internationally awarded care, support and programs.

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