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Meet Gloria Stringer - One of our biggest fans

Written by Claire Willers, Communications Manager with integratedliving

At just 72 years young, client Gloria from Ballina, is a frequent visitor to our Wellness Centre every Monday and Wednesday, but just a year ago her life was quite different.

"A year ago I had really bad depression and was sitting at home feeling really sorry for myself. I had some health problems with my lower back and just didn't have the energy nor the desire to go out, so I saw no one" said Gloria.

Then scrolling through Facebook one evening, Gloria saw an advert for our Ballina Wellness Centre and the grandmother of three knew it was quite literally ‘up her street’.

"Discovering the Wellness Centre has been better than winning the lottery. From the minute I walked in, everyone was so lovely to me and really took the time out to listen to me. I found myself laughing again and suddenly I had made some new friends".

Gloria was soon exercising and joining in with the fitness classes and today is one of the centre’s liveliest and most active members.

"My back pain has eased, I have lots of energy and friends and I can't go down the street without knowing someone. I meet friends for dinner and knit trauma bear teddies for children, thanks to one of the friends I met at the Centre. Coming to the Wellness Centre is really some of the best medicine I have ever had. It saved my life and I cannot thank the team and the friends I have made enough".

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