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Thank you for volunteering

Written by Julianna Stewart, Communications Partner with integratedliving

integratedliving has an exceptional bunch of volunteers. We say thanks for all you do for our clients. 

A big shout out to all of integratedliving’s amazing volunteers. Thank you for being a valuable and special part of our team.  

We currently have 24 volunteers who assist in helping to provide care to our clients in our Activity Centres. They donate their time, but give us so much more than that. Their enthusiasm, kindness and energy permeates through our teams, making their presence so appreciated.    

We appreciate your service as a volunteer and hope you feel celebrated and appreciated this year. 

Enjoy the lovely photos of some of our volunteers, which show the many ways they work with our teams and clients at integratedliving. 

Be sure to give them a show of thanks when you next see them. 

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers! 

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