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Live Well Magazine – Winter 2023

Written by Liz Moore, Communications Partner with integratedliving

Welcome to the Winter 2023 edition of the Live Well Magazine. Inspiring stories, lovely pictures, important information and lots of fun with a crossword and jokes for you!

Be inspired by the stories, pictures and entertainment in the Winter 2023 edition of the Live Well Magazine. Read about the connections our clients and team members make as we support them to stay in their own homes for longer. Find out how our Short-Term Restorative Care program helped Gail regain her independence and return to being the partner she wants to be. Learn how Maggie went from life without a mobile phone to checking the latest images from the James Webb Telescope everyday from her iPad. Find out what podiatrists, social workers and occupational therapists do, and how they could help you. Then, see how you go with our fun crossword or deliciously easy mince recipe!

You can read this wonderful edition here or tune into the audio version below.  

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