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Ballina Wellness Centre Reopens

Written by Prue Cripps, Communications and Campaign Manager with integratedliving

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit, one of the things that husband and wife, Brian and Julie Bowden missed most during isolation, was their regular gym sessions at the Ballina Wellness Centre by integratedliving®.

Since attending the centre 18 months ago, Brian (74) and Julie (70), had maintained their ritual of two to three sessions per week – something they looked forward to before COVID-19. Fortunately, integratedliving has announced the centre will reopen on 20 July, meaning they can once again return to their fitness routine.

“I’ve really missed the regularity of the exercises,” said Brian. “It’s the first time I’ve been to a gym that I’ve really enjoyed and felt comfortable in.  I like to sit and have a cup of coffee when I finish my exercise and I like that its small groups of people where we all have a bit of banter.”

Julie added: “The social interaction is a big part of it.  As you get older, you tend to sit at home more, but by going to the Wellness Centre you meet new people and get a lot out of it.  You don’t have to go hell for leather and the exercise program is really good.”

After being forced to close their Wellness Centres in March, integratedliving is thrilled to be able to respond to the easing of restrictions in parts of the country by reopening the centres in a staged approach, taking into consideration federal and state government recommendations.

Catherine Daley, integratedliving’s Chief Executive Officer said: “We’re excited to slowly re-open our Wellness Centres over the next few months where it’s safe to do so.  The health and safety of our clients and staff is always our highest priority and rather than returning to normal, we will be creating a new normal with clear guidelines in place for the safe practice of all centres.”

The Wellness Centres provide a hub for older people where they can be supported by health professionals to live a healthier and independent life.  The programs are created by experienced exercise physiologists and focus on improving strength, balance, fitness and general wellbeing. 

“It’s great that we have a local Wellness Centre here in Ballina.  Other gyms are for younger people, but this is a great place for seniors to attend for a bit of exercise and social interaction.  I’ve had four friends join also since we told them about it,” said Julie.

The Ballina Wellness Centre is one of eight that are proposed to reopen over the next three months as restrictions begin to ease across some parts of the country.  The centres feature state-of-the-art wellness gyms featuring specialised HUR equipment and a range of services to help older people live an active and independent life.

Catherine added: “The centres are a welcoming environment that allow people like Brian and Julie to establish social connections and form new friendships whilst experiencing positive improvements to their health and wellbeing.  Stories like theirs are not uncommon and we really can’t wait to welcome people back to all our centres soon.”

For more information on the services offered at the Ballina Wellness Centre, please call the Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896.