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Message from CEO - 28 June 2021

Written by Catherine Daley, Chief Executive Officer with integratedliving

Hello everyone,

As you know, the current COVID-19 situation around the country is evolving daily. We understand that the constant news updates and changing restrictions can be stressful. Please be assured that the systems we have in place to manage the pandemic are robust and help us to quickly respond to enact measures designed to keep both you and our staff members safe.  

How we are managing the current COVID-19 lockdowns, outbreaks and restrictions 

Our standard COVID-19 infection prevention and control measures are always in place for our staff. 

  • Staff self-screening and client screening 
  • Hand hygiene and cough etiquette 
  • Physical distancing (1.5m) 
  • Staff are to wear a surgical mask where physical distancing is not possible and when indicated in our Infection Prevention and Control Procedure. 

When areas are affected by lockdowns, outbreaks and restrictions, as is currently happening around the country, we mandate additional measures to further protect both our clients and staff.  

Currently, our staff in Victoria, NSW, the ACT and Queensland must always wear surgical masks when delivering services. In some parts of the country, in line with health advice from the state or territory, staff must also wear eye protection and a gown or apron when delivering services. Some Activity and Wellness Centres are also temporarily closed with affected clients advised directly.  

How you can help 

NSW Health has issued a notice that all staff and people living in Greater Sydney (including Central Coast, Nepean Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour) must wear a surgical mask until further notice in advice to home care service providers today.  

Given the seriousness of the current outbreak of the Delta variant of COVID-19 in Greater Sydney, we are asking our clients in the areas currently in lockdown in NSW, which includes Sydney, the Central Coast, Nepean Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour, to please wear a mask when our staff are delivering services in your home, if possible. This is NSW Health advice. Face masks provide an extra layer of protection and during this period of heightened risk, we would appreciate your support in this way.  

COVID-19 Vaccination

If you haven’t already been vaccinated against COVID-19, please speak to your General Practitioner or make an appointment at your local vaccine clinic. Your GP can direct you to your closest clinic if they are not administering it. It is especially important for Australians aged over 65 to be vaccinated as they are the most vulnerable cohort to the potential deadly effects of the disease.  

Please reach out if you have any questions via our friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 782 896 

Please stay safe and take care. 

Catherine Daley,

Chief Executive Officer