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Aged Care Quality Standards

The standards that relate to your safety, health and wellbeing

The Australian Government, recognising the importance of your safety, health, and overall wellbeing as a client, has established a comprehensive framework known as the Aged Care Quality Standards. These standards, comprising eight essential criteria, serve as the benchmark for ensuring the provision of top-notch care to aged individuals. Integratedliving is wholeheartedly aligned with and supportive of these standards, which officially took effect on 1 July 2019.

Our commitment to these standards underpins our dedication to delivering high-quality care tailored to your unique needs. Each of the eight Aged Care Quality Standards addresses specific aspects crucial to your wellbeing, encompassing areas such as dignity and choice, effective communication, and ongoing assessment and planning. By adhering to these standards, integratedliving strives to create an environment where you, as a valued client, can thrive and experience the highest levels of care and support.

As a client-centred organisation, integratedliving places great emphasis on ensuring that every aspect of your care aligns with these standards, fostering an environment of excellence and continuous improvement. Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed the expectations outlined in the Aged Care Quality Standards, thereby providing you with the assurance that your care is of the utmost quality and tailored to your specific needs.    

Watch the video below to see what the new Standards mean in practice for you. For more information visit:

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