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My Support App

My Support App

Providing open, two-way communication between you and integratedliving.


My Support App by integratedliving® provides an added way for you to view information about your services. You can also make changes to your services and share information with designated family members and friends.

integratedliving staff also use My Support App to provide up-to-date information to you about your services. Watch out for news, events and offers coming soon!

  • See information about your services when you need to.
  • Make service changes quickly and easily.
  • Share information with loved ones.

Whats involved?

My Support App is available on mobile devices and through the app customers can;

  • Reschedule an integratedliving service or request a new service
  • Provide feedback on your service
  • Share service dates and times with nominated family members or carers
  • Get reminders about when a staff member is due to visit
  • Review your schedule and confirm the dates and times for your services
  • Opt in to receive news on offers and events. 

Follow the instructions in our Getting Started Guide to take you through how to download and use the features of My Support App.


Eligibility criteria*

  • You need to be be an existing integratedliving customer or an authorised family member to access My Support App.
  • Please note: Customers that were previous BDNH customers may have trouble accessing My Support App. integratedliving are endeavouring to resolve this issue.
*Other eligibility criteria may apply Contact us for more info.

How can I access this service?

You can access this service in several ways, depending on your needs and individual situation.

Delivered Online Delivered Online

We can deliver this service to you over a video call on a computer or tablet.

Learn more about our virtual services

How can I pay?

My Support App is currently a complimentary product offered by integratedliving. If you access services through the below funding you will be able to access My Support App. 

*Clients that were previous BDNH customers may have trouble accessing My Support App. integratedliving are endeavouring to resolve this issue.

Government Funding

Home Care Package and Commonwealth Home Support Program options.

More information

Private Pay

You can choose to pay for our programs and services yourself if you’re not receiving government funding.

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The support you need

Your needs are different to others and we understand that. Get started now or call us to chat about how we can help you stay living, feeling and being well.

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