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Core Home Care Package full price list

Explore integratedliving's pricing for Core Home Care Packages.

Discover the detailed pricing structure for integratedliving's Core Home Care Packages, aimed at ensuring you have comprehensive information to make informed decisions about your care and well-being. Our core program offers access to a diverse range of services, and we elucidate the available funding options.

Explore the fee breakdown for Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 Home Care Packages, include costs for personal alarms, vital signs monitoring, devices enabling vital signs, and various in-home services such as nursing, allied health, and home support. Additionally, we provide pricing for short services, such as personal care, nursing care, cleaning, light gardening, and allied health services.

The Wellness for Independence program prices are also outlined, featuring an extensive list of available programs. The price list further incorporates Digital Tools available for purchase or hire, attendance at our Wellness or Activity Centres, and access to our Virtual Wellness programs, allowing you to enjoy these services from the comfort of your home.

You can refer to the Core Program full price list below for an in-depth overview, equipping you with the necessary information to navigate your care journey confidently and tailor your services to meet your specific needs.



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