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Ballina Wellness Centre is making a difference

Written by Jehanne Mustart, Wellness Centre Coordinator with integratedliving
Ray and Lyn with Ballina Wellness Centre Coordinator, Jehanne Mustart

Ray and Lyn have been visiting the Wellness Centre in Ballina for about two months now and, in their words, have experienced ‘a total mind and body transformation beyond expectations’.

They both do one gym class and one Stretch and Flow class per week and have noted a remarkable change in their wellbeing.

Ray explained that for many years he would experience a cramping sensation and muscle twitching in his leg but since he has been exercising, it has completely gone and he is much more comfortable.

Lyn said that before coming to the Wellness Centre she used to feel quite stressed and would dread going to the doctors. However, she now feels calm and the challenges of everyday life don’t worry her. She also doesn’t stress about going to the doctors, instead she focuses on enjoying her time staying active.

Ray and Lyn are carers for their son which can be quite physically and emotionally demanding so they have found the opportunity to come to the Wellness Centre great for self-care and to socialise with other people.

Also in Ballina – Wellness Centre client, George, has been so inspired by the centre that he wrote the following poem:

integratedliving  - real health giving

integratedliving, the Wellness Team,
they will help you, live your dream,

Keep you active and on the go,
independently living and not so slow.

In your own home, enjoying life,
keeping well and out of strife.

Out in West Ballina, it is true,
they will improve your life for you.

Help you turn your time clock back,
having fun along the track.

Practitioners keep you safe and active too,
with their skills and kindness, just for you.

You will be treated like a VIP,
well supervised by the agency.

So now’s the time, it’s up to you,
To lead an active life, it’s true.

Thank you George!

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