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Creating digital wellness a big hit with clients

Written by Joanne Isaac, Senior Manager (Communications and Campaigns) with integratedliving

Launched in 2022, our Digital Dialogue program offers digital wellness; a way of helping to connect seniors to technology in a fun and informative way.

It’s an understatement to say that technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate in the past 20 years. While the latest generation are digital natives, having grown up with technology, for older generations, understanding and enjoying technology can be overwhelming.

integratedliving’s Digital Dialogue program is an interactive, 14-week program, delivered online in a group setting and is designed to improve seniors’ digital literacy and help them develop the skills necessary to comfortably navigate the internet and enjoy all there is on offer.

For Dick and Yvonne, the Digital Dialogue program has improved their confidence with technology and opened doors to new ways of enjoying the things they love, like music. Learning about Spotify during the course has meant that they are now reconnecting with songs and music they love.

“We learned about Spotify and recently bought a speaker and set it up on my iPad. We couldn’t believe the sound quality,” said Yvonne.

“I really like music that’s melodious, songs with words that make sense,” said Dick, noting that having Spotify on the iPad has been “magnificent”.

Both Dick and Yvonne, who have now completed the program, are full of praise for the content and presenters.

“We were very green in the beginning, but we’ve learned a lot, and the presenters have all been marvellous,” said Yvonne.

“I’ve found as I went into it that it was very informative. We’ve learned about technology that I couldn’t even dream about. The program has been exceptionally advantageous,” said Dick.

Digital Support Officer, Shane Nilsson, has supported Dick and Yvonne throughout the program, often hosting follow-up sessions with them to help embed their learning.

“I’m a people person and love to see the growth of our clients from the start of the program to the finish. A lot of people feel that technology like smart TVs, the internet, mobile phones have surpassed them, but this program allows them to catch up.

“At the end of the course, most participants can use email and Zoom confidently which allows them to connect with loved ones. They also enjoy accessing a lot of entertainment via their iPad, whether it’s through the internet, apps, videos, podcasts or movies,” said Shane.

Colleen, based in Victoria, says the Digital Dialogue program has been “just fabulous”.

Digital Support Officer, Shane Nilsson (left), assisting client, Yvonne (right), with learning how to use an iPad.

“I’d never used an iPad before and now I find I use it all the time. I check the news and weather, scroll through Facebook, listen to podcasts and watch movies. It’s perfect!

“If I wake during the night and am finding it hard to get back to sleep, I click on an app and listen to the lovely sounds of rain or water trickling and it helps me get back to sleep,” explained Colleen.

An unexpected bonus of doing the course for Colleen has been the connections she’s made.

“I had no friends nearby when I moved here a couple of years ago and it’s been hard. I was happy to discover that one of the ladies also doing the program lives only ten minutes away, so we now chat on our iPads and we’re going to get together in person soon. It really has been a great way to stay connected with people,” said Colleen.

While the program consists of three onboarding sessions and eleven sessions of education, one on one support is also available throughout.

Digital Support officer Team Leader, Zoe Osner said that feedback received from clients is overwhelmingly positive.

“Clients are telling us that the course is opening up the digital world in practical and useful ways. People are valuing being able to do things like use email, take photos, video call loved ones, enjoy online shopping, use apps and plan holidays,” said Zoe.

Colleen is effusive in her praise for the support people receive from integratedliving’s Digital Support Officers throughout the program.

“The support you’re given in the program is just superb. Nobody gets left behind. If you’re struggling with how to do something, they will take you through it after the lesson, one-on-one, so that you’re comfortable and understand it,” said Colleen.

With over 300 clients across Australia actively doing the program at any given time, it can take up to three months from an initial enquiry to commencing the program due to the popularity of the course.

Find out more about our Digital Dialogue program.