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Meet our exceptional Case Managers putting clients needs first

Written by Meredith Pryke, Head of Home Care Packages with integratedliving

What is case management in aged care? 

Our case managers assist clients and their families to access the services that will help them live well and independently. They support our clients to navigate the care network and choose the services that will be most beneficial for that individual at that time and ongoing. 

They are a crucial part of a client’s team, and our Case Managers see this trusted advisory role as a privileged responsibility. When asked to highlight a few outstanding Case Managers, our Senior Managers struggled to narrow it down. Here are just some of our exceptional Case Managers putting our clients first. 


Amy always demonstrates a person-centred approach,” said Nancy, Senior Manager – Home Care Packages.

Amy displays our organisational values in all aspects of her work and interactions with others. Those values are respect, integrity, equity, diversity, unity and leadership. Amy is a great support to her colleagues and is always willing to help out others, providing practical support and guidance. Amy partners with clients to complete their care plans. These are thoughtful and reflect each clients goals and aspirations. 


“Stanley is the epitome of a team player. He always is available and approachable to support others,” said Nancy, Senior Manager – Home Care Packages.

“Stanley shares his knowledge and learning with others to increase efficiency and maximise client outcomes. Stanley consistently demonstrates our organisational values of integrity, respect, unity, equity, diversity and leadership, in all aspects of his work and interactions with others.” 


“Navi is a fantastic team player and actively supports her colleagues with her knowledge and versatility,” said Nancy, Senior Manager – Home Care Packages. “Navi partners with clients to achieve meaningful outcomes and make a difference to their quality of life.” 

In the last few months, three clients have reached out to thank and commend Navi. One client said he’s improved a good deal, and was very grateful for Navi’s support. Another client wrote to Navi, saying: “I hope you don't mind but I needed to thank you for your efficient, kind and effective management of my case. Please never leave as we clients need you, as does your industry.” 

And another client’s daughter wrote: “Thank you for all your assistance over the past couple of years organising dad's care. I know it's been a struggle at times. You've always been there to assist me with any questions and concerns and for that, I am extremely grateful. Navigating the aged care system has been a learning curve. Along with dad's inability, at times, to cooperate, it's taken a toll on me. However, you've been more than accommodating and made the experience a lot less stressful. “  



“Yvonne is so passionate about ensuring that clients feel heard and in control of the services surrounding them,” said Amy, Senior Manager – Home Care Packages. “Yvonne takes her time to listen to clients, actively involve them in all discussions and decision-making, and is a great advocate for them. 

"Yvonne is patient and supportive. She is a great communicator and has a wonderful ability to put people at ease quickly. Thank you Yvonne, for all the time and energy that you give to clients and carers to ensure they are empowered and receive the best quality of care in line with their goals and wishes.” 



"Meegan is the quiet achiever of the Central A Team,” said Amy, Senior Manager – Home Care Packages. She works hard to ensure that clients are happy, their services and documentation are correct, and their funding is well managed. Meegan also takes an active role in supporting and mentoring new CMs. 

“Meegan is diligent, organised and keeps clients well informed about their services. Planning and communication are Meegan’s superpowers. Thank you Meegan for all the things you do so calmly and quietly, ensuring that our clients are happy and receiving all the care that they need.” 




“Drew has shown that as a Case Manager, he is able to adapt in all situations,” said Kim, Senior Manager – Home Care Packages.

“Whether it’s covering another colleague, taking on new clients, or liaising with the internal and external stakeholders, Drew can solve problems with confidence. The feedback from clients is that he always smiles and has a caring nature, which is required for this role.” 




“Sarah has only been a Case Manager for 12 months,” said Renee, Senior Manager – Home Care Packages, “As well as being hard working, Sarah is passionate about all her clients.” 

“All of our team members deserve recognition,” said Kate, Senior Manager – Home Care Packages. “Kellie was kind enough, despite additional case loading across our team, to fly to Gippsland to assist with a new colleague’s onboarding for one week. Casey also volunteered to go to Gippsland for a week to assist another team member when hey had to catch up with all the reviews.  

 “We are such a cohesive team and all members deserve additional recognition,” Kate said. “Our team’s members are always jumping in to help each other and me. We’re really lucky to have each and every one of them, and they work super hard for the best outcomes of all our clients.” 

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