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The rewards of volunteering

Written by Julianna Stewart, Communications Partner with integratedliving

Be inspired by septuagenarian volunteers, Sabine and Glenis, who've clocked up nearly 50 years of service.

With hearts that give so much, and smiles that add sunshine to everyone’s day, Sabine and Glenis have dedicated a remarkable 47 years of combined service to integratedliving. 

79-year-old Glenis and 70-year-old Sabine both donate their time to help clients and to keep themselves active and connected to their local community.    

Glenis, who turns 80 in August 2024, started volunteering as a driver 21 years ago to transport clients around town. She recalls her most memorable ride which was “picking up some new legs”.   

“I’ll never forget that job because I was asked if I could take a client to collect some prosthetic legs,” she said. 

Glenis was then asked to join the Raymond Terrace Activity Centre team, where she has now been volunteering for two decades.

“I really enjoy seeing the clients and I think if I didn’t volunteer, I would really miss them,” Glenis said. 

“Sometimes at the end of the day I feel a bit tired but seeing all their smiles and knowing I’ve helped them have a great day at the centre makes it all worth it.” 

Glenis’ retired husband also volunteers with the local fire brigade and the couple believe that it gives them purpose and keeps them active.  

Over the past 24 years, Sabine has volunteered with Meals on Wheels, shopping assistance and now also assists at Raymond Terrace Activity Centre.  

“I love my job,” Sabine said. “I don’t want to be sitting at home with nothing to do. I enjoy seeing people and talking to them, making their day happier.” 

Sabine migrated to Australia in 1980 from Penang, Malaysia, where she worked for a Chinese family.

“Volunteering has helped me to meet people,” Sabine said. “It has been good for me.” 

To keep herself active, Sabine also enjoys line dancing classes twice a week and intends to continue volunteering well into the future. 

“I will keep volunteering for as long as I can. I keep saying I will stay with integratedliving forever.” 

Thank you both for your selfless service. 

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