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What it takes to be a support worker for 25 years

Written by Julianna Stewart, Communications Partner with integratedliving

Jenny’s journey – a 25-year legacy of compassion, care and education at integratedliving. 

In our busy and challenging world, we sometimes meet people whose compassion seems to reflect the best of humanity. It is inspiring and heartwarming to find individuals like Jenny, whose dedication to supporting seniors in our community has spanned an impressive 25 years.  

As a support worker for integratedliving Australia, Jenny's journey is testament to the profound impact one person can have on the lives of others, especially in regional, rural and remote communities. Jenny's career in aged care is not just a professional choice – she sees it as a calling.  

"integratedliving has given me the opportunity to continue and advance my career in aged care. It's a God-given career, and it's extremely gratifying,” Jenny said. This sentiment seems to echo through her every word and action, revealing a passion that goes well beyond any definition of a ‘job’. 

From Tasmania, Jenny grew up surrounded by the love and guidance of her grandparents, which later became the driving force behind her decision to embark on a career devoted to the care and support of older Australians.   

Jenny's commitment to excellence is evident in her pursuit of continuous learning. At the age of 60, she undertook the challenge of completing her Certificate III in Individual Support, believing that age is no barrier to acquiring new skills. 

"Studying at 60 and completing my certification gave me a greater understanding of my role as a support worker, enabling me to engage more fully with my clients," she said.  

For Jenny, being a support worker is not just about providing practical assistance. It's about building strong relationships, experiencing life with her clients, and making a significant difference in their lives.  

"It is a real privilege to be trusted by clients to come into their homes and share life's journey with them," she said.  

This trust, earned through years of dedicated service, speaks volumes about Jenny's character and the impact she has had on those she serves. 

"I believe to work in aged care, you need to have a heart for others," she said.  

Her philosophy revolves around treating clients with respect and dignity, encouraging them, and approaching each day with patience.

Over the years, Jenny has achieved great outcomes for numerous clients, enabling them to have a better quality of life while staying in their own homes. 

"My life has been truly enriched by all the wonderful clients I have supported and cared for over the years, and I hope I have enriched theirs," she said. 

Jenny offers the following advice for those interested in becoming a support worker: "Be willing to work as a team, go the extra mile, and you will reap the reward knowing you have made a significant difference in someone's life.” 

In celebrating this significant milestone in Jenny's career at integratedliving, we are reminded of the immeasurable value that individuals contribute to our team, and to the field of aged care. 

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