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Client Satisfaction Survey Gives integratedliving the Thumbs Up

Written by Catherine Daley, Chief Executive Officer with integratedliving

At a time when quality and safety in aged care standards are at the forefront, we are proud to share the positive results from our annual client satisfaction survey.

In addition to feedback collected throughout the year, we also send a survey to clients to find out what they think about us and where we can improve.  Over the past 12 months, we have collected 3,090 survey responses – our highest response rate in over four years.

We are proud to share the results of this recent survey which has reaffirmed our person-centred approach in the way our team interacts with people, their knowledge about the individual person’s goals and needs, and how our team members listen and provide care.

Client Survey Summary

Here is a summary of what clients told us about our services and the way in which we provide care: 

  • 98% of our surveyed clients said our team members treat them with respect and show interest in them as a person. 
  • 96% said our team members listen to them and consider their comments about what is best for them. 
  • 88% of staff take the time to talk to clients about their health and wellbeing. 
  • 98% of surveyed clients said they felt staff respected them and they feel safe and comfortable with them. 

These results are very heartening because they tell us that we: 

  • Treat clients with respect and show interest in them as a person.  
  • Ensure clients feel safe and comfortable when interacting with us.  
  • Communicate in a way clients can understand.  
  • Listen and take clients’ comments into account.  
  • Have managed the response to COVID well.

Our client survey is a valuable tracking tool to monitor our performance and ensure we are delivering the best standard of care possible in a personalised way.

We read each comment we receive to assist us in adjusting and improving wherever possible. From these completed surveys we will develop action plans to address any areas where we can raise the bar and ensure we continue to meet expectations.

I am proud of our dedicated team who strive to go beyond to genuinely care for clients at integratedliving.

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