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integratedliving receives inaugural CircleBack award

Written by Liz Moore, Communications Partner with integratedliving

Responsive, Respectful Recruitment makes integratedliving an employer of choice. 

integratedliving is one of only two employers to be awarded CircleBack’s inaugural Triple R certification.

CircleBack’s Triple R certification recognises employers who excel in Responsive, Respectful Recruitment based on real candidate feedback and data. Each quarter, employers using Benchmarcx are considered for this award based on their candidate experience scores. Triple R certification is a ticket to standing out as an exemplary place to apply.

“It's not just a badge – it's a statement that you value and excel in candidate experience,” CircleBack says of integratedliving’s award.

We asked Lesa Goodwin Groom, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at integratedliving, a few questions about this outstanding recognition.

What does this award mean to the Talent Acquisition team?

“This award is a big pat on the back for our team's commitment to putting people first throughout the recruitment process and aligning with the organisation's Talent Acquisition goals. It's a reminder that our efforts to create a positive and supportive experience for everyone involved, right from the start, are making a real difference. This recognition fuels our motivation to keep refining our approach and making the candidate experience even better.”

What work has gone into achieving this level of sustained feedback and recognition?

“Reaching this level of consistent feedback and recognition is an ongoing adventure that requires dedication, teamwork, and a willingness to roll with the punches. We've put in place a bunch of initiatives, fine-tuned our systems and processes, and soaked up the wisdom of our candidates and hiring managers alike to keep making the candidate experience better and better. We're happy to set the bar high for communication with everyone involved in our recruitment process.”

What makes the integratedliving team exceptional in this area?

“What sets our team apart is our genuine commitment to fostering a culture where feedback isn't just given, but also embraced wholeheartedly and turned into action. We're big believers that constructive feedback is the cornerstone of growth and development, and we're committed to using it to make ourselves, our team, and our company the best they can be.”

How does this reflect on integratedliving as a whole?

“This certification is a big thumbs up for integratedliving's commitment to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and appreciated. We believe that a culture of feedback and recognition is essential for attracting and retaining top talent, and we are proud to be recognised as a leader in this area. 

“It also demonstrates taking regular opportunities to partner and collaborate with our hiring leads, has enabled an environment of mutual understanding and appreciation for what we as individuals bring to the table. This validates our focus on the people and not just the process.”

What else should people understand about your team and this recognition?

We are committed to continuing our people focused approach and look forward to strengthening of our employer brand, increasing our attraction and engagement, and strengthening relationships that will undoubtedly follow for integratedliving as a whole.”

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