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Moto Tiles Bring the Fun Back to Exercise

Written by Mark Acheson, Communications Partner with integratedliving

The introduction of Moto Tiles to integratedliving Australia’s Activity Centres is proving to be a hit with clients.  

The best part? This playful technology is as fun as it is mentally stimulating. 
“The Moto tiles are a great way to increase physical activity in a way that is playful and fun but they have also shown to improve a person's balance, mobility and cognitive function particularly in older populations,” says integratedliving Exercise Physiologist Georgia Kelaher. 

“In addition, the tiles encourage our clients to engage together in shared experience to improve their social connectedness.” 

Moto Tiles have been proven to enhance the physical and cognitive abilities of older people. The interactive tiles are also used for the rehabilitation of patients with various conditions like sclerosis, dementia, and cerebral palsy. 

Gorokan Activity Centre client Ann is taken aback by the Moto Tiles, in which she’s called her new favourite game “the special one”.  

integratedliving clients, Les (left) and Heather (right), challenging themselves on the Moto Tiles.

"I love having a score to compare with my others too,” she says.  

“I feel like I'm competing against myself, and I really enjoy that." 

Activity Centre Coordinators Manager Alicia Parker attests to the popularity and benefits of the Moto Tiles.  
“We’ve introduced Moto Tiles as not only a way for our clients to challenge themselves and one another in a fun and friendly environment, but there’s the added mental and physical health benefits too,” she said. 

The tiles act as an alternative form of rehabilitation, allowing clients to take part in an exercise that is stimulating and rewarding. They’ve become a welcomed addition to our activity centres and they bring great joy to our clients.” 


Want to try your hand at Moto Tiles?