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Quality Policy


integratedliving Australia is committed to meeting customer
and client perceptions of value and exceeding the standards required under the various government funding programs. A fundamental requirement to achieve these goals is the organisation's commitment to a Quality Framework that incorporates ongoing improvement and review of its practices and underpins the organisational Strategic Plan Focus to 2022 and Focus 2024 Timeline - Transformation Roadmap.



The Board is responsible for:

  •  ensuring that effective policies are in place to manage organisational quality;
  • providing strategic direction and support to the Chief Executive Officer in achieving system-level performance;
  • ensuring delivery of safe and quality care and services.

The Chief Executive Officer and Executive Leadership Team are responsible for:

  • communicating to the organisation the importance of meeting client expectations as well as statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • establishing the Quality Policy and Framework;
  •  ensuring objectives are identified and communicated, and linked to the Strategic Plan;
  • reviewing organisational quality management;
  • ensuring the availability of resources.

The Head of Quality, Governance and Compliance is responsible for:

  • ensuring that the necessary processes and systems are established, implemented and maintained;
  • reporting to the Board and Executive Leadership Team on performance against quality, and any need for improvement;
  • ensuring the promotion of awareness of client requirements throughout the organisation.

Heads of Departments, Senior Managers and members of the organisation's Governance Committees are responsible for:

  •  leading, promoting and managing the implementation of robust quality strategies and systems to accomplish client experience outcomes that meet and exceed legislative requirements, standards and perception of value.

All employees including board members, staff, volunteers and contractors are responsible for:

  • adhering to organisational policies, procedures, position descriptions and work plans to achieve individual targets and key performance indicators;
  • being actively involved in identifying opportunities for improvement and clearly understanding their responsibilities in relation to quality;
  •  committing to meeting statement of expectation for the organisation in relation to the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Authorities on matters such as corporate governance, employment issues, purchasing and service level approval is described in
the position description for each Board member, employee and volunteer. Working relationships are summarised in our Organisation Chart with individual reporting arrangements documented in position descriptions.


Policy Statement

integratedliving Australia's Board of Directors, Executive Leadership Team and Senior Management are committed to providing high quality service delivery by continuously evaluating and improving its services towards best practice.

The organisation is engaged in the provision of quality in-home community based, health and aged care services throughout Australia. Our overall goal is to become recognised as a market leader in the provision of health and home support services within the community by achieving high levels of client satisfaction through consistently meeting or exceeding client's identified needs and supporting them to remain living in their communities. Our Strategic Plan Focus to 2022 and Roadmap to 2024 outlines our objectives for achieving this goal.

Our risk-based approach to quality as defined in our Quality Framework is comprehensive. It is built on the Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health Care and aligns with current National and State Legislation standards such as ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (Corporate Services certification NACE Code 70), the Aged Care Quality Standards, industry Codes of Practice and Guidelines and encompassing all structures, programs, practices, procedures, plans, regulations, roles, responsibilities, relationships, contracts, agreements, documents, records, methods, tools, techniques, technologies, and resources. integratedliving has a strong commitment to digital integration of all information management system's to further ensure that effective controls are consistently and adequately applied to work processes and practices.

The effectiveness of any system depends on the commitment and competence of personnel. The organisation is committed to providing training and the necessary resources, supervision and support to staff so they are able to provide a quality service to our clients with a high level of competence. We are also committed to developing a team culture that actively pursues continuous improvement. All Board members, employees, volunteers and suppliers and contractors are informed of our commitment to quality and are expected to comply. integratedliving actively seeks, encourages and welcomes feedback from clients/carers and staff that may assist us in contributing to the improvement of our service quality.



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