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Home Care Package full price list

integratedliving’s current pricing for Home Care Package services.


A Home Care Package, backed by the Australian government, stands as a pivotal aged care subsidy program crucial for cultivating independent living by facilitating access to essential services. This initiative is specifically developed to ensure that individuals' unique needs and preferences find fulfilment through a client centred care approach. Placing individuals at the forefront of their care journey empowers active participation in decisions related to their well-being and services, putting an emphasis on autonomy and control over one's life.

In implementing this innovative approach, our goal is to ensure a supportive and flexible environment that is tailored to each person's individual requirements. Beyond promoting independence, the objective is to increase the overall quality of life for individuals that are benefiting from the Home Care Package program. Through personalised care, attention to individual needs, and a commitment to realising requirements, we endeavour to foster a positive and empowering experience for those on a Home Care Package program, ultimately promoting sustained well-being and autonomy.


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