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Bringing holistic health home to you 

Written by Liz Moore, Communications Partner with integratedliving

Did you know our Virtual Wellness Services program has expanded? It now includes online activities for Seniors including Social Sessions and Movement Classes. This makes it easier than ever to look after all of your wellbeing needs from the comfort of your own home.


Wellbeing is more than just looking after one part of your health. It is taking care of yourself as a whole. That’s why we’ve expanded integratedliving’s Virtual Wellness Services. Not only can you look after your physical health in our Virtual Movement Classes, but our Virtual Social Sessions have grown significantly, too.  

“For clients to get the most out of these programs, they are best done as a whole,” said Zoe Osner, our Digital Support Officer Team Leader. “We have designed it around doing them all so they can be of biggest benefit to everyone.” 

Zoe encourages clients to take a holistic view of their program. “It’s important to consider all aspects of our health. Not just the physical, but also our mental health, social and emotional wellbeing, and education.” 

Zoe said to do this, the Virtual Wellness calendar now includes sessions such as Create & Innovate; Explore and Discover; Relax & Enjoy; Past & Present; and Let's Have a Conversation.

To find out more, call 1300 782 896 or visit our website.

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