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Activities to Bring out the Best in People

Written by Julianna Stewart, Communications Partner with integratedliving

Our Activity Centres bring memories and so much more back into focus for our wonderful community of clients. 

It’s easy to find smiling faces at our Activity Centres where people come for an outing each week and enjoy their days filled with laughter and friendship.  

Our Activity Centres provide a welcoming community where people can take part in a range of different activities, or just relax and enjoy some great company. It’s a perfect way to break up the weekly routine while engaging in social connection and cognitive stimulation. 

“We are so lucky to have the opportunity to listen to the lovely range of voices from our clients at our music and singing sessions,” said Adrienne Garnam, Manager - Activity Centre Operations.

“Hearing old tunes often brings back fond memories of growing up, and it’s such a wonderful experience to hear all the stories that are shared by our clients about times and places in history. Also, to remember some of those great singers and songs from the past.” 

“Our art and craft sessions prove that you don’t have to be Michelangelo to produce a work of art. Enjoyment and creativity have their own way of producing the right piece for each client,” Adrienne said. 

Our teams and clients at the Centres rarely miss an opportunity to dress up. “It doesn’t matter what the occasion is – St Patrick’s Day, Remembering the ‘60's, or Carnivale” Adrienne said. “There’s always some bright and colourful costumes, lots of arts and crafts, great food, and themed games and activities to enjoy.” 

Our Activity Centres are located at Raymond Terrace, Gorokan, Woy Woy and Gosford in New South Wales.

Activities include:  

  • Arts and crafts  
  • Games and trivia  
  • Learn and discover sessions  
  • Music and singing 
  • Reminiscing and mindfulness  
  • Gardening and outdoor activities 
  • Moto Tiles classes 
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