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Days well spent: A closer look at 8 memorable aspects of our Activity Centres

Written by Adrienne Garnam, Activity Centre Operations Manager with integratedliving

Aside from enjoyment, socialisation and invaluable engagement, what can someone expect from a day at our Activity Centres?


1.  Welcome

We greet our clients when they arrive with their carers. If transport capacities allow, we can provide transport to the centre from a clients home.

They are warmly welcomed wither way, and we take delight in both seeing them and enabling their carers to leave them safe with us while they can attend to other parts of their lives. 

2.  Tea and Toast

We start the day together with a light breakfast and coffee or tea.

Breakfast is usually toast with various spreads, although we do offer cereals and porridge in the cooler months. This is an opportunity to mingle and catch up with friends before the day of programs begins.  

3.  Activities

After breakfast, we move into our Activity Area where we participate in some gentle movement and some reminiscence or trivia to get the neurons in the brain firing up and our bodies ready to go.

There’s usually plenty of laughter to be had, too. Some clients may prefer to go for a short walk in our garden areas with one of our staff or volunteers, which happens through this time.


4.  Morning Tea

A lovely time, this is usually around 11:30am and consists of fresh fruit, cakes, and tea or coffee. 

5.  More Activities

Now our clients move on to more stimulating activities.

Our skilled Activity Officers provide choice to our clients of the varying activities which include trivia, reminiscence, fun games, craft and sometimes manual or gardening activities. 

Whatever the choices, everyone is engaged and the feeling of goodwill is as obvious as the plentiful smiles and laughs. 

6.  Lunch

This is served by our Centre Coordinator at approximately 1pm in our dining area.

It is usually a hot meal, however, we cater to dietary requirements or requests where possible. 

7.  More Action

After lunch, clients are again offered a variety of activities to enjoy together.

Weather permitting, it is usually a great time to get out into some fresh air and go for a walk. 

8.  Farewell

After a day of socialisation, laughter, nutritious foods and enjoyable activities, our friendly team are there to farewell clients and greet carers until the next time.

If transport capacities allow, we can provide transport from a Centre to a clients home


Seeking more? Our Wellness Centres also offer a variety of activities focused on exercise, social connection and wellbeing programs. 

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