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How can I access aged-care services?

Written by Joanne Isaac, Senior Manager (Communications and Campaigns) with integratedliving

The Australian Government provides financial support to assist people to receive aged care services in their own home and at centre-based facilities. Your eligibility will determine the support you can receive with funding support assigned based on the outcome of your assessment. 

Getting Started

You can apply for a My Aged Care assessment online at 20 minutes to complete the application.

Need a hand?

Your application can be completed for you by a trusted representative nominated by you. Simply advise their details during the application process. You will need your Medicare card for the application where they will check your eligibility, capture your contact details, and confirm who the assessor should call to arrange the assessment.   

If you are not eligible for aged care support, other financial support programmes include: 

At integratedliving, our staff can assist in talking through your needs, what services you may require and how to apply for these. To get started call us on 1300 782 896, or you can register through our Get Started page on our website. One of our friendly staff members will contact you as soon as possible. 

Join us at one of our integratedliving Healthier at Home virtual forums and we can show you where to start accessing aged care services, empowering you to live, feel and be well as you age.

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