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How to become an aged-care worker in Australia?

Written by Freya Griffin, Communications Partner with integratedliving

Gone are the days where a career in aged care was considered stale. With emphasis on creating vibrant aged care experiences for ageing Australians, careers in allied health and support roles are become more appealing to career hoppers across the nation.

integratedliving’s recent virtual career forums attracted significant interest, members of the public were particularly keen to learn more about careers in the aged care sector.  

The career-focused forums included information about the many allied health and clinical opportunities at integratedliving, including an overview of the organisation’s individualised exercise and gym programs, nursing services, telehealth, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, as well as more traditional aged care support roles.   

As a registered nurse, Susan Morris works for integratedliving in Tamworth. She can travel anywhere from 250 to 500 kms a day to care for remote, rural and regional residents needing care. 

"It's one of the more rewarding aspects of our job, we enjoy the regional work, but to get out to everyone in the really rural and remote areas is incredibly rewarding," she said. 

She and colleague Jo Lavelle, pictured, are gung-ho on encouraging not just carers or support workers, but anyone with an interest in caring positions to log into free online forums. 

Photo: Gareth Gardner, courtesy of the Northern Daily Leader. 

With increasing funding support for home-based aged care from the Australian Government through My Aged Careintegratedliving and other aged care providers are swiftly recruiting to respond to a surge in both allied health and non-clinical support roles.  

"I would also love to see more people get involved in aged care in the community, there are heaps of roles out here, and the forums can really help you understand the work we do," Susan explained. 

Figures from the Federal Government’s 2015 Intergenerational Report shows that health expenditure per person is projected to more than double over the next 40 years. 

With the number of support packages expected to increase this year, the aged care health services industry is preparing to expand its work force in order to deliver enhanced access to Australians requiring in home aged care and disability support services. From personal care jobs such as cleaning, cooking and social supports, to allied health services such as aged care and disability care nursing jobs, nutritional support and podiatry, the opportunity to commence a career in aged care is expanding rapidly. 

You view our recorded Aged Care Career virtual forum below:

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