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Never Too Late: Dawn's Inspiring Debut as an Author at 90

Written by Julianna Stewart, Communications Partner with integratedliving

Now onto her second book, 92-year-old Dawn believes anyone can write and publish the stories they have inside. 

Dawn is a shining example of how dreams can be ignited and fulfilled at any age ...with a little determination and some grit. At the age of 90, Dawn published her first work of fiction, The Shape of Spinifex, which draws upon her own experience living in remote mining towns back in the 1950s.  

Like many women at that time, Dawn followed her husband across the country for work. At the age of 21, and pregnant, she left the comforts of Adelaide for the harsh heat of Mount Isa. With no family, phone or radio, and few amenities, isolation was a real hardship for miners’ wives.  

“The women in these mining towns made a huge contribution to the wealth of the nation at the time,” Dawn recalled. 

“We were the enablers really. We helped our husbands get promotions and reach their goals. So in some respects, the book is really an acknowledgement to women and what they have given to mining towns.” 

It has also been an opportunity for Dawn to share stories of this era with her four children and three grandchildren, as well as keeping her mind active. 

While it took her several years to write her first book, Dawn is now documenting her memoirs at the age of 92. The Tasmanian resident attributes writing to her good brain health. 

“It took a few years, but it kept my brain alive,” Dawn said. “Everyone has a story to tell, even if it’s just a ghost story from their store of life's history. Anyone can do this - with just a little encouragement.” 

Dawn’s novel is available online at Amazon and can be read on Kindle.

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