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Vital Leadership Celebrated

Written by Stephen Bosse, Chief People Officer with integratedliving

integratedliving's inaugural Leader Vitals Leadership Program a great success

integratedliving's Leader Vitals Leadership Program has finished for 2023 with nearly 100 team members successfully completing the seven-month course. Finishing in September this year, our Leader Vitals program brought together a diverse group of individuals, each with their unique stories, aspirations, and talents. Together, we embarked on a journey towards becoming more effective and impactful leaders. 

In acknowledgment of the 2023 cohort, we celebrate the many achievements of our leaders throughout this time. They sharpened skills in the following areas: 

  1. Enhanced leadership skills: Our leaders have honed their leadership skills, strengthening their understanding of communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making. 

  2. Organisational impact: Many leaders have started to apply learning and concepts related to their leadership approach, which is starting to make a positive impact on their teams. 

  3. Mentorship: Throughout the program, our Subject Matter Experts have shared their unique knowledge and skills, fostering valuable relationships and supporting leaders to navigate their leadership journey. 

  4. Personal Growth: It's not just about leadership at work. It's also about personal growth. Many of our leaders have shared stories of newfound confidence, resilience and a sense of purpose. 

  5. Networking: The program has facilitated networking opportunities to share perspectives, and learn about common and different leadership challenges, and create lasting bonds across different departments. 

One of the most significant aspects of the leadership program has been its ripple effect. As our leaders are growing, they are sharing their learnings and creating a positive impact on their teams and the wider organisation. With ongoing practice and learning, our growing team of leaders will continue to create a positive and lasting impact into the future. 

Thanks to all our leaders who play an essential role in shaping integratedliving for the future. We look forward to the lasting impact that you and this program will continue to have on integratedliving. 

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