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Unique bond forged through sacrifice and service

Written by Freya Griffin, Communications Partner with integratedliving

The concept of sacrifice might look different to Enda "Jo" Ward and Janine Lucas, but the word binds both client and integratedliving Australia Support Worker together.


A life of service and sacrifice has different meanings to different people. For Janine, her military family background has ingrained in her deep respect for those who have served their country in the armed forces.

As an integratedliving Support Worker, Janine relishes the opportunity to give back to all clients, especially those who are also veterans. One in particular is 96-year-old Jo, Australia’s only surviving female World War II veteran who lives in her own home on Tasmania’s northwest coast.

In fact, so willing was Janine to honour 96-year-old Jo for her service as a teenager manning spotlights in Sydney, she spent nine weeks away from family and friends to ensure Jo stayed safe and well through Burnie’s Covid-19 lockdown. Jo even spent her 60th birthday alone in that time.

Find out how service, sacrifice and a good laugh can enrich lives in this heart-warming episode.

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