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Let's Have a Conversation

Let's Have a Conversation

Meet friends, share stories and learn about health and wellbeing.


Our “Let’s Have a Conversation” sessions will help you to feel part of a community and give you a sense of purpose, which is key to maintaining your self-confidence and ensuring a positive attitude.  

You may like to share the secret to your famous family recipe, tell us about a book you’re reading, or a good ol’ bush yarn to match your great Aussie sense of humour.  

We will also explore ways to improve your overall physical health as well as your mental and emotional wellbeing.   

  • Encourage social connections and new friendships.
  • Promote positivity and improve feelings about ageing.
  • Improve communication skills and cognitive function.

What's included in these sessions?

Come along to one of our Wellness Centres or join online from home, using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. These sessions are perfect for people in regional, rural or remote areas and those with mobility issues.

“Let’s Have a Conversation” sessions are facilitated by our professional and friendly staff to ensure everyone is included, engaged and enjoying themselves. All health and wellbeing advice provided in these sessions is delivered by professionals.

Topics change from session to session, with some topics including:

  • How to find purpose and feel positive about ageing.
  • Gratitude – how being thankful makes you feel good about life.
  • Sharing your favourite recipe and getting some great meal ideas.
  • Listening to some yarns (and telling some) which are sure to get a laugh.
  • How mental and emotional wellbeing can impact on your physical health.
  • Finding out about a good book and sharing what you love about it.

Eligibility criteria*

  • You need to be aged over 65 or over 50 for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders.
  • Some services may be available to people aged under 65.
  • To access this service online, you will need an internet connection and a computer or tablet (call us to learn how we can provide these for you).
*Other eligibility criteria may apply Contact us for more info.

How can I access this service?

You can access this service in several ways, depending on your needs and individual situation.

In Centre In Centre

You can attend one of our Wellness or Activity Centres to take part in this service.

Join us at one of our Wellness or Activity Centres for this service.

Delivered Online Delivered Online

We can deliver this service to you over a video call on a computer or tablet.

Learn more about our virtual services

How can I pay?

There are several ways to access our services and programs, including the funding options outlined below.

Government Funding

Home Care Package and Commonwealth Home Support Program options.

More information

Private Pay

You can choose to pay for our programs and services yourself if you're not receiving government funding.

More information

Frequently Asked Questions

These sessions are suitable for older people who are keen to increase their social connections, meet new friends and learn new things.

Yes, these sessions can be aligned with your values and preferences. Our staff will take the time to learn your individual cultural and care needs so they are always considered. You may also access interpreting services if required.

Our friendly Wellness Centre Coordinators or Digital Support Officers, as well as Guest Speakers at times.

You will need access to Zoom on either a computer, tablet or mobile device. If you do not have access to any of these, please reach out to us to discuss your tech options.

These sessions are conducted online via Zoom in a group setting.

Our staff will assist you with any tech needs to help facilitate your participation in the sessions.

All sessions run for 60 minutes each.

Yes, our sessions are inclusive for all. Our staff will be able to assist you in offering options if you require any additional support to join.

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Your needs are different to others and we understand that. Get started now or call us to chat about how we can help you stay living, feeling and being well.

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