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Announcing the integratedliving team’s award winners for 2023

Written by Jo Gazzola, Head of People Services with integratedliving

At integratedliving, we hold values and principles dear.

So much so we base our annual team awards around our core values of Diversity, Integrity, Respect, Unity, Equity and Leadership.  

Team members are encouraged to nominate colleagues throughout the year not just for their excellent work, but also for exemplifying these values in their work. Clients also nominate team members. 

The 2022-23 Values-Based Awards (VBAs) winners are excellent examples of our values in action. 

“Congratulations to all our team members who were nominated for an employee award this year,” said Jo Gazzola, integratedliving’s Head of People Services. “We received almost 300 nominations from colleagues and clients, which is a testament to the wonderful team we have here at integratedliving.”  

“To this year's winners of our Values-Based Awards and CEO Principles Based Awards, we thank you – for the way you inspire others, for your commitment, professionalism and your outstanding work.”  

“Our organisational values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what we stand for,” Jo said. 

Alongside the VBAs, we have the CEO Principles Based Awards. These recognise outstanding contributions to service delivery through the provision of high quality and reliable support to our clients. They celebrate demonstrated commitment to our four principles of: Customer Focused, Solutions Driven, Quality and Safety, Professional and Committed.  

“On behalf of our Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate all of our dedicated employees who were nominated throughout the year,” Jo said. 

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