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Caring in our communities

Written by Joanne Isaac, Senior Manager (Communications and Campaigns) with integratedliving

There’s a special bond of support between our clients and our team members. 

We love sitting down with our clients and team members and speaking to them about the ways in which they assist and support each other. Sometimes their stories are big and awe-inspiring. Most of the time they tell a tale of many little wins that happen over successive days, weeks, months and even years. This time, it was a privilege to spend some time with four of our clients and dedicated team members to find out how integratedliving’s services help them remain living independently and well in their homes, and see the lovely bonds built over time.  

One thing is certain, our integratedliving team care deeply about helping our clients achieve better health outcomes and our clients are very grateful for the support our wonderful team provide.  

Fatimah and Maria 

Registered Nurse Fatimah: “I know I’m in the right profession. I love looking after people and making a difference in their lives. Continuity of care is so important and something I can help achieve as a community nurse. I share photos and written reports with Maria’s doctor and will call if I’m concerned about something and ask for a review. I’m an advocate for my clients and care for them as I would my own grandparent.” 

Client Maria: “Fatimah knows me very well, my moods, whether I’m up or down. She’s gotten to know me at a level that she can just look at me and she knows what’s going on. She uplifts me and is very special to me. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.” 





Jan and Jill 

Support Worker Jan: “Being a support worker is all about making a difference by supporting people to stay at home, taking the time to understand what they like and need, and having a laugh together. My clients have no idea what they give back to me in return. When I leave, there’s always a big smile on both our faces.” 
Client Jill: “Nothing’s like your own home. My support workers, like Jan, have helped turn my life around. They bring the world into our home, and I feel involved in their lives a little and I think it’s wonderful.” 

Jo and John 

Podiatrist Jo: “I like the instant relief I can bring as a podiatrist. The clients automatically feel better after I see them. I also love that we get to see our clients regularly and get to know them really well. This enables us to notice medical indicators or any decline and provide treatment to keep them mobile. I always say, the older you get the further your feet get away, as it’s harder to bend and stay down to do things, and eyesight and mobility play a part. Seeing a podiatrist takes away risk for older clients.” 

Client John: “I feel incapacitated because I can’t bend down as I’m waiting on a new hip. This has been going on for some time and inevitably things get slowly worse. Because of my condition, it dictates what I can and can’t do, so any help that I get is good. I enjoy seeing Jo every eight weeks and I’m grateful for her care.” 




Clare and Marion 

Occupational Therapist Clare: “We’re an ageing population but living for so much longer and I like the idea of improved quality of life and not just quantity of life. They need to go hand in hand. Occupational therapists can really help people achieve this. 
“I think for people once they retire, their ability to complete things independently really shapes the rest of their life and their quality of life. I really enjoy working with people over the age of 65 because if you can remain safe and independent doing what you enjoy, then life will be much more fulfilling, and your health and wellbeing will improve or remain stable. Occupational therapy can help achieve this.” 

Client Marion: “I think people think it will be hard giving up their ‘perceived’ independence, but when you access services you actually end up having more independence. Clare has helped me maintain my independence, particularly around mobility and transfers. I have a special bed, recliner, cushions, non-slip mats and non-slip paint on the tiles in my bathroom, as well as reachers to help me pick things up and some special shoes. I’m excited for the chair with a lever that helps move me in and out of the table. It’s coming next month!” 

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