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Diversity is one of integratedliving’s core values

Written by Liz Moore, Communications Partner with integratedliving

Great teams and happy clients are found when there is respect for each other’s differences.

At integratedliving, we bring people together by respecting diversity in our homes, communities and the workplace. Diversity is one of integratedliving’s core values. Our leaders recognise the significance and benefits of diversity across our team and our clients, whether it’s in age, ability, language, ethnicity, gender, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious belief or another area. 

Our annual Values-Based Awards (VBAs) recognise team members who display a commitment to our core values in the work they do. integratedliving's core values are Respect, Diversity, Unity, Equity, Integrity and Leadership. The VBA for diversity recognises team members who conduct their work with great respect for the differences between individuals. These team members know that it is in respecting our contrasts that we can also find and celebrate our underlying common ground and humanity.
Here we showcase some of our recent past winners, and those who’ve recently been nominated for the 2023/24 Diversity award. 

Recent nominees for  2023/24

Recent winners

2022/23 winner

Aimee Wahlstedt - Service Delivery Team Leader 

As the leader of the Central Coast Gosford team, Aimee has created an inclusive, supportive and positive team environment. She is committed to growing and learning, and encourages her teammates to do the same. Aimee is keen to offer a helping hand. She is a good listener and makes each member of her team feel valued and appreciated.    

Aimee’s caring nature, attentive listening, and constructive feedback create an environment where every team member feels not only supported but also respected, valued, and appreciated. Aimee actively fosters development, ensuring that each member of her team has the tools and opportunities to flourish.  

Aimee leads with fairness, respect, and friendliness. Aimee's ability to inspire and encourage her team has resulted in a work environment where everyone is motivated to perform at their best. Aimee is a truly deserving recipient of the Diversity Award.   

2021/22 winner 

Fatimah Lesiguez - Registered Nurse  

A Registered Nurse, Fatimah started with
integratedliving in 2018, and has lent her ample skills, work ethic and engaging passion and professionalism to the Wellness for Independence team with great success. All while continuing with her nursing duties on the road also. In being nominated for Diversity, Fatimah has been acknowledged in many notable ways.

“When starting in this Wellness Facilitator role, not only did Fatimah take on new groups but she went above and beyond,” said Acting Senior Manager of Health Services Chris Crockett.

“Fatimah is happy to combine her groups from various regions and finds innovative ways to ensure they are assessed and set up to attend our programs professionally. I have admiration for Fatimah's warmth and kindness towards others and congratulate her on her on her limitlessly professional work ethic.” 

We value Fatimah's significant contributions and applaud her for helping make the Wellness for Independence programs so successful. Fatimah is committed to ensuring the best outcomes are achieved for our clients.  


Tania Brannock 

Tania received several nominations for this award, all of which shared a common view that Tania is someone who goes above and beyond to assist her team and our clients. Tania joined integratedliving as a support worker before moving to a Customer Support Advisory role, and then Admissions Officer in our Concierge team. She is based in Central Queensland.    

Tania is a great team player who is approachable and provides great support to her colleagues and our clients.

Clients have told us that Tania embodies every integratedliving value – diversity, respect, unity, equity, integrity and leadership. She is positive, nurturing, polite and nearly always has a smile on her face.

Clients say Tania is capable, supportive and a good listener. It’s a pleasure to have you on the team representing diversity in the work you do and the way you carry it out, Tania. 

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