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Let's Make Waves Across Australia

Written by Claire Willers, Communications Manager with integratedliving

We are asking our clients, their family and friends and wider public to help create the biggest wave across Australia to say thank you to care staff.

Throughout COVID-19, like many care workers across the state, integratedliving has continued to work and deliver services to some of the most vulnerable communities.>

To say thank you to staff, we have created the campaign ‘Wave of Thanks’ calling for you to wave as a thank you when you see a branded car or a care worker. Alternatively, you can record a video waving and post it on social media using the hashtag #waveofthanks or email it us to share.

Camera shy? No problem. Show your support by using one of our Wave of Thanks’ temporary Facebook frames. You can access the frames by clicking on your Facebook picture, then click on 'add frame’. Then in the search bar at the top, type in integratedliving. Click on the frame you would like to add and then select ‘Temporary’ and click on how long you wish for it to remain. Then click ‘Save’.

Catherine Daley, Chief Executive of integratedliving, said: “I have never felt prouder of the staff who work for us and we want to give them and all of the other care workers, the recognition they deserve.

“Although restrictions are starting to ease in Australia as we continue to flatten the curve, we must not become complacent and ensure our elderly communities remain safe, which is what our staff do best.”

As part of the campaign, which will run from 1 May – 1 June, we will also be featuring key staff each day, recognising them with a message of thanks.

Ms Daley, added: “We really hope people get behind this campaign and that it brings a little bit of light to people’s lives in what has been and is still for many, one of the most challenging times in history.”