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Ready to help no matter the hour

Written by Aura, Support Worker with integratedliving

I’ve been feeling excellent. I feel like I have enough information to keep both myself and our clients safe through the pandemic. The communication from integratedliving team members has kept me up to date with everything I need to know, and I watch the news for the latest information.   

As I live alone, I have always said to my boss that no matter what happens she can rely on me to help.  

On my day off recently, just before I was about to put some colour in my hair, my team leader called to ask if I could go see a client. I didn’t think twice and just left the colouring for later.  

Another day I was cleaning at a client’s house and I noticed that he was sitting outside just staring. He looked very sad. When I finished, I asked him if there was anything else he needed and asked if I could make him a cuppa. He asked me to please make one for myself as well. He told me that he has been very depressed and that he has no visitors. I told him that I can talk to him and he told me about his life. 

About 15 minutes after I left that day, I found out that he’d called my Case Manager to say that he really enjoyed my company, attitude and manner and had asked if it was possible for me to go to his house every time he required services. The next time I went to his house, he laughed and was so happy to see me. This makes it all worthwhile to me.  

I always think of the clients as I would my own family. What if this were my father? What would I want for him? Really, it’s just about providing whatever we can to help them.  

I also want to thank my Case Manager, Team Leader, fellow Support Workers and the Customer Service Centre team. They are always there to help me when I need them, and I really appreciate everything they do.  

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