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Accessing aged care in Australia – where do I start?

Written by Freya Griffin, Communications Partner with integratedliving

It is acknowledged across the aged care sector that there is a significant knowledge gap in the community about aged care services for ageing Australians still living at home. integratedliving Australia has taken proactive steps to address this in order to benefit the health and wellbeing of older Australians living in rural, regional and remote communities.

Looking to connect virtually with those wanting to learn more about the aged care landscape and the services on offer, integratedliving hosted a series of Healthier at Home virtual forums. The live forums commenced in February, after the peak holiday season where families and friends may noticed changing needs of loved ones at home. For this reason, the forums were developed for two groups; seniors and carers.

The holiday season may have provided an opportunity for many families to notice and discuss the potential need for aged care services for loved ones. These forums answer the key questions people have when considering aged care services for themselves or loved ones.

Topics covered include: service areas, funding options and service types such as meal plans, home and garden maintenance and nursing care. The panel of experts also touches on the transformation of service delivery models to a hybrid approach, adapting during COVID-19 lockdowns by introducing tablet computers and virtual programs to clients.

integratedliving’s Head of Service Delivery, Nicole Hudson, and Chief Operating Officer, Indra Arunachalam, presented to people across the country over the course of February and March.

Nicole and Indra were able to give a detailed, step-by-step guide on how someone would go about accessing aged care services under My Aged Care, NDIS, The Department of Veteran Affairs or via a private paid option.

“We wanted to present information in simple, easy to understand language so that people know a little more about the potential services available to them, realising it might not be as daunting as they once thought,” said Nicole.

You can view our recorded Healthier at Home virtual forum and our Carers virtual forum below:

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