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What type of services can I access?

Written by Joanne Isaac a Senior Manager - Communications and Campaign with integratedliving

There are many services available to you when you receive funding approval.  

You can access several services or care under a variety of programs offered by My Aged Care, the National Disability Insurance Scheme and The Department of Veteran Affairs.  

To get the right assistance, think about what you need. Maybe it’s a little help at home as you find it a little harder to do the things you used to do in the house and garden? Or, you may have recently been admitted to hospital, or a carer needs to take a break and you need some short-term care? No matter the circumstances, there are a number of services available to assist you 

Some of our key services are:

You can find a full list of integratedliving services available on the Services page of our website. We outline what is included in each service, the benefits, how to get started, frequently asked questions and much more. A brochure is also available for download at the bottom of each page.

At integratedliving, our staff can assist in talking through your needs, what services you may require and how to apply for these. To get started call us on 1300 782 896, or you can register through our Get Started page on our website. One of our friendly staff members will contact you as soon as possible.  

Join us at one of our integratedliving Healthier at Home virtual forums and we can show you where to start accessing aged care services, empowering you to live, feel and be well as you age. 

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